Opening Day for Rosie's Workshop on First Friday in Westfield, NY

Stepping into Rosie’s is an experience that you talk about later with good friends. It’s not a quiet boutique you passively shop.

First Impressions:

  • Distinct music from a hundred feet away. You feel cool as you get to the door.
  • Sidewalk displays. Bright colors. Balloons.
  • Huge plate glass window becomes a stage for something otherworldly. A scene you can’t quite believe. Huh?
  • You can’t not go in. You go in. You’re greeted like a new friend.
  • Unexpected products
  • A story and history with each item
Very Open Sign at Rosie Furniture Pop-up Shop in Westfield, NY.

We focused on things unexpected, capturing people’s imagination. Some examples:

  • We’re known for our “Very Open” sign
  • Exceptional quality speakers to broadcast unique music up and down the sidewalk
  • We put our best and most interesting products outside
  • Interior finishes create a quality gallery feel inside
  • Lively compelling window displays peek curiosity

What do you mean Window Displays?

We mean old-school shop windows. Floor to ceiling life-sized stories coming to life. We created four themed windows over a few months.

  1. Hi Fidelity. A life-sized recreation of the Maxwell Tape advertisement.
  2. Mad Men. Don Draper sits at a desk with a cigarette, whiskey, watching a vintage TV.
  3. Ghosts of Pac Man. Our Halloween theme.
  4. MCM Boozy Christmas. Betty Draper is having a bad day while decorating for Christmas.
Very Open Sign at Rosie Furniture Pop-up Shop in Westfield, NY.

We created additional buzz by putting a curtain up between each theme changeover. A sign on the glass stated, “New Window Loading”.

We marketed a new window opening party on Friday. 5:00 pm. The curtain came down and the new scene became public both in person and on social media.

By the third window party we had customers driving one-hour each way just to see the unveiling. Our little space couldn’t really accommodate the crowds, but we made sure to not invite the fire marshal. 

Retail Secret. When you get buzz and crowds and it’s easier to sell product. It may not happen during the party, however we found people came back later and bought. Exposure is key.

Word of mouth is golden.

Do things that people talk about.

Take a moment to go through our gallery of the window scenes. Click here for the first scene.