The Great 2018 Pop-up Store Experiment

We took the plunge on August 1st. Brick and mortar retail. We got the keys Tuesday. Opened Friday. It was insanity. Three days of craziness. Boom. A complete retail store open. POP! The Rosie Workshop born. On Main Street in the village of Westfield, NY 15 minutes from the Chautauqua Institution.

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We set out to create a stir. A buzz.

Stepping into Rosie’s is an experience that you talk about later with good friends. It’s not a quiet boutique you passively shop. First Impressions: Distinct music from a hundred feet away. You feel cool as you get to the door. Sidewalk displays. Bright colors. Balloons. Huge plate glass window becomes a stage for

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High Fidelity

The Maxwell Tape advertisement of a man sitting in a chair listening to music and it’s so loud his hair and tie are blown back. This introduced our high-end Bluetooth speaker. Blair was one of those audiophiles in the 1980’s and 1990’s and he was sorry he missed the

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Now Showing Mad Men.

Celebrating mid-century Madison Avenue. Don Draper sits at a desk with a cigarette, whiskey watching a vintage TV. Attention to detail was important. We found a silver suit with a thin tie and a pocket square. A matching fedora sat on top of our blue mannequin’s head. We framed

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Ghosts of Pac Man

Our Halloween theme. A bright yellow Pac Man tries to eat his way through the window to get to life-sized ghosts. Six-inch pellets were placed on the sidewalk leading into the store. The line followed all the way to the ghosts. We hung screen shots of original 1970s and

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It’s an MCM Boozy Christmas.

A lonely Betty Draper drinks and smokes while decorating a foil Christmas tree. A near empty bottle of French red wine sits on the Formica and chrome table. Real toys from the 1960s are scattered about the front window with matching framed advertising on the walls. Betty Draper at Christmas

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